Department of Mineral Resources of Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group Co.,Ltd.
Phone: 0717-2588385
Fax: 0717-6760308
Email: lkxs@wel168.com
Main products: Phosphate ore
Sales Company of Hubei Xingfa Chemicals Group Co.,Ltd.
Phone: 0717-6760656;6760261
Fax: 0717-6760308
Email: sales@wel168.com
Main products: phosphoric acid, phosphate(tech/food/pharmaceutical grade), DMSO, MSM, etc.
Sales Department of Xingfa Yichang New Material Industrial Park
Phone: 0717-6530186
Fax: 0717-6512553
Email: 600141@wel168.com
Main products: Glyphosate, Liquid chlorine, Caustic soda, Calcium hypochlorite, Calcium chloride, Organic silicon, DMC, 110 raw rubber, 107 rubber
Sales Department of Xingfa Yidu Eco-industrial Park
Phone: 400-884-9559
Fax: 0717-4788199
Email: 600141@wel168.com
Main products: DAP, MAP, compoud fertilizer, etc.
Sales Department of Xingfa Taizhou Organophosphorus
Phone: 0523-86920677
Fax: 0523-86920670
Email: futongchemical@wel168.com
Main products: phosphorus trichloride,phosphorus oxychloride,TCPP, TEP, etc.
Sales Department of Xingfa Yichang Electronic Chemicals
Phone: 0717-6285681
Fax: none
Email: sinophorus@wel168.com
Main products: Electronic Grade Phosphoric Acid, Electronic Grade Sulfuric Acid, Etchant, Stripper, Developer, Electronic Chemicals Recycling
Please refer to the sales contact details of the detailed products.PRODUCT